Jefferson County, AL

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Informational Words

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Abandoned Property
Neglected Property
abandoned home
To report overgrown or neglected property call 205-325-5321.
Change of address
change address
update address
wrong address
Address change
For more information about Addressing in the county, including info on getting your address changed, please visit:
Meeting Minutes
All commission meeting minutes and agendas can be found on our website:
animal control
stray dogs
stray cats
Jefferson County contracts with the Greater Bham Humane Society for animal control services, you can contact them at 205-591-6522 to report stray dogs & cats.
Bessemer Courthouse
Bessemer Justice Center
The Bessemer Courthouse is located at 1801 3rd Ave. Bessemer, AL 35020. The revenue office there can be contacted at 205-481-4110. The Bessemer Justice Center houses State Courts for the Bessemer Division and is located at 1851 2nd Ave. North, Bessemer, AL 35020.
boat license
boat tag
You can visit the Revenue Department website here: :
Bulk Waste To dispose of bulk waste please contact one of the following area landfills: Mt. Olive Landfill ($13 for a pickup truck) 101 Barber Blvd Gardendale, AL 35071 205-631-8258 Johns Transfer Station ($13-500 pds or less) 5125 Bessemer Johns Road Bessemer, AL 35023 205-426-5444 Peabody Convenience Center 11510 Lock 17 Road Bessemer, AL 35023 205-497-0318
Business License
reseller license
For information on getting or renewing a business license visit our revenue department website or call our enforcement division at 205-731-2965.
Car Tag
Vehicle Registration
tag renewal
transfer tag
new car tag
You can renew your car tag online here For questions about registering a new vehicle or transferring a registration, call 205-325-5171 or visit one of our five convenient locations.
Center Point Satellite Office The Center Point satellite office is located at 2651 Center Point Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35215. The revenue office there can be reached at 205-714-7175.
Child Support
If you need help with Child Support enforcement visit this webpage:
Garbage Cleanups
litter cleanups
community cleanups
Visit here for information on volunteer cleanups and free drop off days!
Commission District
What is my district?
To find out which commission district you live in follow the link to a map to insert your address
Commissioner Contact information for Commissioner offices can be found here:
Office Hours
Phone number
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N Birmingham, AL 35203 | 205-325-5300 Link to phone directory is here: Monday-Friday, 8:00AM-5:00PM (excluding approved holidays).
Copy Deed If you need a copy of your deed, please contact Probate Court.
Copy of Divorce certificate You can get a copy of your Divorce, marriage or birth certificate on this state website:
Court date
court docket
court case
For court information please contact either district court at 205-325-5309 or circuit court at 205-325-5285. To view court dockets visit here:
COVID-19 Rental Assistance
For information and applications for rental assistance associated with COVID-19 rental assistance, follow this link:
Data For Jefferson County date visit Open Data -
court dockets
Court Dockets can be viewed here
Drivers License
State ID
New licenses are issued only at ALEA offices. For locations visit: Renewals may be processed online using the link above, or in-person at any Jefferson County Revenue Office location.
Economic Development
business property
industrial park
For Economic Development property in Jefferson County visit the Jefferson County Economic and Industrial Development Authority -
Election Here is a link to the dates for the upcoming local elections:,_Alabama_(2022).
Emergency Alerts
weather alerts
You can sign up for Emergency Alerts here
Family Court
Contacts can be found for Family Court here:
FEMA Help Follow this link for phone numbers and information on how to get FEMA relief from the Oct. 6-7 storms
file claim To file a claim against Jefferson County please visit the risk management website at
Flood Damage
If you have flood damage you want to report from Oct 6, please follow this link and fill out the form. This is not a substitute for submitting through insurance, nor does it ensure financial assistance. You will be contacted if assistance becomes available:
indigent burial
If you are trying to reach the coroner, please follow this link to their webpage:
Garbage Service
trash pickup
Amwaste is the garbage provider for unincorporated parts of Jefferson County. To set up service, or if you have questions about your service call 205-788-1400 or email
grease drop off
For questions on grease disposal call 205-238-3876 or visit our website for a map of locations:,33.3807,-86.5158,33.6589
Hazardous Waste Disposal For information on how to dispose of household hazardous waste such as weed and bug killer, cleaning products, paint, aerosols, electronics, and batteries please call 205-325-8741.
Holiday Hours Jefferson County will be closed on the following days: Nov. 25 & 26 Dec. 23 & 24 Dec. 31 (for New Year's) Jan. 17 Feb. 21 April 15 May 30 June 20 July 4 Sept. 5
Homestead Exemption For information on claiming your homestead exemption please see the Tax Assessors office. More information can be found here:
Hoover satellite The Hoover satellite office is located at 1901 Hoover Court, Hoover, AL 35226, The revenue office there can be reached at 205-497-8976.
Hunting License A hunting or fishing license can be purchased through the state and can be done here:
Illegal Dumping Please contact Development Services at 205-582-6555 to report illegal dumping.
Find a job
Visit the personnel board website at Don't forget to set up job alerts! Jobs are updated weekly so check back often. For job hunting resources visit My CAPTE -
Jury Jury information for the Birmingham Division: Jury information for the Bessemer Division:
Joe Knight
District 4
His office can be reached at 205-325-5070. For more information please visit:
Land Records To search land records visit the following link
Lien If you are looking for information on a tax lien against your property you will contact information for the Tax Collectors office here:
Litter To organize a litter cleanup in your community call 205-325-8741. To report illegal dumping call 205-205-582-6555.
Locations Please follow this link to a list of satellite office locations:
low income housing
community shelters
senior services
workforce development
For information on low-income housing, community shelters, workforce development, and senior services. Please contact our Workforce Development Dept. at 205-325-5761 or visit us online at
Marriage License Follow this link for information on how to obtain a marriage license For copies of marriage certificates, please visit:
Mike Bolin
District 5
His office can be reached at 205-325-5503. For more information please visit:
Mobile Home To register your mobile home please visit our website here:
Newsletter To sign up for the Jefferson County newsletter visit:
Northern Satellite Office
Gardendale satellite office
The County northern satellite office is located at 651 Main Street in Gardendale, AL 35071. The revenue office there can be reached at 205-909-3610.
passport The Circuit Clerks office has locations that offer passport services:
Permit violation If you want to report a business being operated in a residential area, or a construction site that is not properly permitted please contact Development Services at 205-325-5638. If you need to get a planning or building permit you can do so online at
Phone Directory You can view a directory of County leadership and departments by following this link:
Pistol Permit
gun permit
You can apply for, or renew a pistol permit here
Podcast You can listen or download our podcast at
tree down
To report a pothole, tree down, or mowing concern, contact our Roads and Transportation Dept. at 205-325-5141.
Property Tax
property taxes
tax lien
Links to pay your property tax, contact information, and property tax information can be found here: You can also pay online at
property value For information on the assessed value of your property please visit the board of equalization webpage at:
Public Record
public record request
To make a public records request click here to get started. If you are a member of the media you can also call our Public Information Office at 205-731-2891.
Recycling Here is a list of recycling centers in Jefferson County: Birmingham Recycling and Recovery 205-591-8201; UAB Recycling 205-996-9043; Bessemer Recycling Center 425-0068.
Rental Assistance
help with rent
COVID help
The Jefferson County ERAP has reopened. You can apply online here:
Report Reporting options are: Abandoned Property, Neglected Property, Overgrown, Flooding, Permit violation, Pothole, Tree Down, Sewer Issues, Sewer Overflow, Street Sign, and Water Pollution
satellite locations
satellite offices
Jefferson County has 4 satellite locations: Bessemer Courthouse: 1801 3rd Ave. Bessemer, AL 35020 Center Point: 2651 Center Point Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35215 Hoover: 1901 Hoover Court, Birmingham, AL 35226 Northern Satellite: 651 Main Street, Gardendale, AL 35071
Lashunda Scales
District 1
Her office can be reached at 205-214-5507. For more information please visit:
Sewer Bill
pay sewer
Please follow this link to our Environmental Services page for more detailed information on paying your sewer bill: If your sewer bill is high follow this link to frequently asked questions about sewer bills and rates:
Sewer Liens You can search sewer liens and delinquent accounts here:
Sewer Overflow
Report overflow
sewer issue
To report a sewer overflow call our hotline at 205-942-0681.To sign up to receive notifications about sewer overflows visit:
Sewer Permit
Building Permit
Jefferson County has implemented an online permitting system. You can get started by visiting their webpage
Star ID ALEA issues the Star ID. For locations and what information is needed. Please visit their website at:
James Stephens
District 3
His office can be reached at 205-325-5555. For more information please visit:
Storm Shelters Please visit the Jefferson County EMA website for a map of storm shelters in Jefferson County
Strategic Plan
county plan
To can view Jefferson County's strategic plan online here:
Street Sign To report a damaged or missing street sign call 205-849-2341 or 205-849-2336.
Tax Exemption
over 65 tax exemption
senior tax exemption
If you are over 65 you may qualify for a full or partial tax exemption. Contact the Tax Assessor, by email at, or 205-325-5505 or Bessemer Tax Assessor at 205-481-4125.
Tax Map
property look up
To view tax maps click here
Thank You
You are welcome!
title Replacement car titles are issued by the state. Please visit this website to start that process: If you have other questions about transferring a title please call the Revenue Dept. at 205-325-5171.
Traffic Ticket
Court Fine
speeding ticket
To pay a traffic ticket or district court fine visit here
Trial Court Records
court records
Trial court records information can be found here
Sheila Tyson
District 2
Her office can be reached at 205-325-5074. For more information please visit:
To view the percentage of Jefferson County that has been vaccinated against COVID- 19 visit our Unified Command hub with all the stats here:
Vital Records
Birth Certificate
Death Certificate
To order Vital records follow this link
You can register to vote through the state here: For voting information visit:
Water Pollution To report suspected water pollution call 205-325-5792.
zoning If you need more information on Planning and Zoning you can visit the planning division webpage at: If you want to email them a question you can do that at